"Diva and her gal pal Gracie"


Hi Gina

It's been a long time and we are hope you are well.. We wanted to take a moment to give you an update on Milton (formerly known as Casper).

As you may know, it was his birthday recently so he is one year old now - i have attached a photo for you of him exploring his carrot + yogurt birthday cake!

We have had a very fun year and he accompanied us to Montreal, New Orleans, Calgary and Toronto so he is quite the well traveled Frenchie! We have a lot more travel planned this year including spending Memorial Day weekend in Maine.

He is very well loved and enjoys his daily run around in the dog park - he starts off every visit by making his rounds and saying hi to all the humans before playing with the other dogs! Even though he is not a puppy anymore, he is irresistible to strangers and makes quite the impression on everyone who sees him!

He has grown into quite the dapper good looking Frenchie (refer photo of him in his Christmas bow tie) and we enjoy every moment with him. He is beautifully behaved and trained and we couldn't enjoy life without him - so thank you!!

Kim and Mike (and Milton) Delaney




Hi Gina!

Sorry it's been so long since I updated you on how Annie is doing. We've been having so much fun this past year and a half, the time has just flown by! Annie is doing fantastically in the big city. She has tons of friends, both canine and human, and has definitely become a big part of my family. We just celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and my baby niece Sophie. Sophie had so much fun with Annie, and even fed her some turkey (Annie's favorite)! We recently moved to a new apartment (I just became a homeowner), and Annie loves it. I now have a patio and garden, which Annie loves to explore and bury her toys in. Sometimes I sit out on the patio and just watch her run around, sniffing everything in sight and trying to dig things up. I have loved every minute of living with Annie - thank you so much for bringing her into my life! I'm attaching a few of my favorite pictures of her to this email.

- Jeff


Hi! Well, I just wanted to say hello from Thor, Daisy and Walter. We moved into our apartment in Brooklyn and Walter is having a great time. With a giant park next door it seems like the whole world is open to him! He loves chasing the big dogs (especially dalmatians which is especially cute because of the color similarities). Everyone who meets Walter tells us they have never met a Frenchie quite like him, and coo over how wonderful he is. And both my parents and in-laws think he is their first grandchild! Neither side of the family can get enough of him! So thank you and we hope you and your family are well.
--Daisy, Thor and Walter




Hi Gina, I hope you had wonderful thanksgiving! I thought I'd send you a recent photo of Louie with his thanksgiving bandana on! He had a great day meeting my niece's dog, a lab, my sister's dog, an australian shepherd and my niece's in law's dog a bijon yesterday. He was so social and held he's own with all of them. My family just love him and my niece is now asking her husband for a frenchie for Xmas! They can't get over how social he is with people and dogs- not at all timid nor aggressive, just perfect. He has gotten a bit bigger, about 11 lbs. And of course he is now sleeping in bed with me! I can't get to sleep without his snoring! I can't thank you enough for bringing Louie into my life! He's the light of my life. Thank you again and I'll keep the photos coming as long as you want.
Regards, Bernadette